Introducing Ranks

What ranks are there?

Currently users get separated into 6 different groups. There are Newbies, Beginners, Intermediates, Pros, Masters and Champs. We will surely add more ranks in the future.

How do I get a better rank?

Every new user starts with the “Newbie” rank. To improve your rank, you have to get points.

Newbie:               0 – 999 Points
Beginner:           1000 – 4999
Intermediate:    5000 – 9999
Pro:                      10000- 24999
Master:                25000- 49999
Champ:                50000

How do I receive points?

You get points for every interaction on this site. Rewards will be as followed:
10          registration
15          daily visits
5             publishing content
2             a comment
1             visitor referral
100        SignUp referral
1             Voting for a post


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